Common Questions

Do you facilitate Weddings and Corporate Functions?

Cruising on the Decoy is an experience. With its licensed bar and kitchen,  the Decoy continues to be a unique and memorable venue for Weddings and Corporate Functions. You are welcome call to make an appointment to visit us and discuss what you need and what we can provide.

What is the policy regarding children and other treasures?

Twilight Cruises are for adults only. Sunday afternoons are also adult focused but children are allowed if supervised all of the time. We know it is not always possible, but it would be best if you could relax, dance, and enjoy the cruise without the responsibility of being a parent. Its nice to forget the little treasures for just a few hours! Please note there are no highchairs available.

What is the difference between Music Room and Front Deck seats?

The Music Room is a space that can be enclosed from the environment and where most bands position themselves. If you need to see and hear the band up close, then the Music Room is for you. This does not apply to the indefatigable Gumnut Stompers who move about quite a bit!

The Front Deck can be the best seat in the house and is great during the Perth summers, for chatting with friends and seeing more of the river environment. No matter what ticket you purchase you can still access all passenger areas. The price difference reflects the risk of inclement weather affecting the Front Deck.

Ticket Mud Map

Where do you go?

We cruise downstream towards Fremantle until we reach (or almost reach) Point Walter. We sometimes head for Canning Bridge also.

Do you cruise when it is raining?

Yes, we like the rain. Only if the winds are very squally or stormy might we change course or cancel a cruise. But we are robust!

Is there a senior citizen’s discount?

No, but we do provide a 10% discount for single bookings of 6 or more persons. Email: for more information.

Can we buy tickets at the Decoy?

You sure can. The only thing is that you need to pre-purchase tickets if you need to have a seat and table space reserved for the cruise. But there will usually be some tables and chairs remaining on the day if you just want to chance turning up.

What charter packages do you have to offer and how much does it cost?

We can cater for most event types. The cost is dependent what day of the week, time, and month of the year you wish to charter the Decoy. Typical cruise time requested is 3 hours but we can go all night if you want!

What entertainment do you provide?

We have organised many live bands, comedy, and burlesque shows. Perth is full of talent.

Can we bring our own food?

Yes you can for the Sunday Afternoon cruises during 2017. Not for the Twilight Cruises as food is included in the cruise.

Can we bring our own drinks? 

No. We have a decent bar, particularly for a boat. We have nicely chilled tap beer and a selection of wines and spirits. Our prices are really good.